The former Liverpool striker, Fernando Torres, astonished the fans as he revealed his perfectly carved physique in a recent event. The event was none other than the one in which he signed off as the brand ambassador for the famous AW8 in Southeast Asia. 

The soccer legend took it to Instagram to announce his brand partnering with AW8 Casinos in Malaysia as he wrote,

“I’m so thrilled to announce that I am the official Brand Ambassador for AW8 in Southeast Asia, join me on this journey and partnership with for exciting events and crazy promotions to come.”

Torres’ comeback was followed by a massive flood of likes and comments from fans going all heart about him. The screenshots of his post were shared through every social media platform, and the news went viral in no time.

Apart from this, what caught most of the attention was his chiseled body, which hinted at his never-ending love for sports and fitness. Fernando hit his last football strike while playing with the Japanese J-League Sagan Tosu for two seasons before he hung up his shoes in September 2019. Although he quit the field, he never took retirement from the gymnasium. This 36-year old, nicknamed El Nino, returned to Spain after calling his days off from football and opened a chain of gyms called NineFitness. 

All this while, Fernando has been away from the limelight, leaving the fans wondering what the Spanish player has been up to. Much to our surprise, his incredible transformation is evident enough of his eight-hour shift in the fitness room. Since he is renowned for being lean and slim during his heyday with Liverpool and Chelsea, this extreme body change became a major highlight of the event. 

Keeping everything aside, the World Cup winner hasn’t been entirely off the ground lately. And the fan-faces were lit up with ecstasy after learning that Torres has recently become the Atletico Madrid B manager. The word got spread as he was working with Ricky Alonso’s coaching staff and then became a permanent member of the club’s B team. 

Although we won’t be able to watch him play anymore, at least he is transferring his skills to his successors. Besides, Torres has been making steady progress serving as a coach for the former Spain international, overseeing the team. Not only is he enjoying this new role, but the players too are astounded by the training sessions. Well, why wouldn’t they? After all, he participates with the team in drills to develop the youth’s sport system.